Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Crown Christmas Party

13th December 2013
Brian's report of the evening:

Brilliant night at Arch 14. SUP playing until 10.00 before the excellent Hobo King and his Freight Train took over festivities. The venue was great, loved the sawdust on the floor and straw bale seating at the back. A good time had by all.

Highlights I can remember and there were probably more:
Mark joining the Hobo King on stage to sing I Wanna be Like You.
Eddie's Leaning on Lamppost
Ian's Christmas jumper
Bernie's solo verses to those were the days to 100 people (unaccompanied, no mic)
Ross on his boom box
Lawrence's loud singing, loud shirt and washboard

Sandra and Chris jiving

Click here to see the photos  and a short video