Sunday, 19 October 2014

Cheadle Discovery Explorers

It all started with an email from their leader, Mark
"We are looking at the possibility of forming a Ukulele Band with the ultimate aim of performing at our groups bi-annual gang show Frivolous, held on stage at Stockport college theare next Feb. I have a group of about 15 young people and leaders willing to give this a go. They are all prepared to purchase their own Ukulele.We could do with some help and guidance on whether this is feasible , some advice on what to buy and some help on teaching us to play a couple of basic songs."

We decided this would be a new challenge for us but we were up for it, so on Thursday 16th October a group of us went to their scout hut, armed with a good supply of ukueles. We gave a short performance before splitting into small groups to introduce them to the fun that can be had with a small 4-stringed instrument.

At the end we all gathered in the main hall and played a few songs together.

I think they all enjoyed it, we certainly did. What happens next?
"Our plan forward is to establish who now wants to join up then get them kitted out with Ukes. Once this is done we will then have some get together practice sessions. Once they have all become a little more familiar we will then identify some songs to learn and concentrate on these. We may well be in touch for a little advice around this stage . You are most welcome for a return visit and we can plan that in maybe some time after Xmas.
Thanks very much for all your support and please relay that to the other SUP members"

Mark has kindly sent us some photos of the evening