Sunday, 26 April 2015

Stockport Old Town Folk Festival

The Stockport Old Town Folk Festival took place on 23rd to 26th April 2015

SUP were invited to play on the Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

On the Friday we played two sets inside Seven Miles Out, with a spot of busking outside in between.
We had a good audience singing along with us each time.

On the Sunday we did a short set inside Seven Miles Out then a couple of sessions outside near the Market Hall.

There are some more photos here. Run them as a slideshow

Return to Cheadle Explorer Scouts

Back in October, some of us went to help the Explorer Scouts get started with their ukuleles. 

They worked hard all winter and in February 20 Explorer Scouts & 4 leaders performed in their Gang Show on three nights in front of a 200 strong audience at The Peter Barkworth Theater, Stockport College. None of them had ever played live before.

They played 4 songs in four minutes. 
"We started with SUP tradition, Bad moon rising, then the kids wanted to go modern so I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and Five years time by Noah & the Whale . Finished with a rousing twist & shout. I think we went down quite well. Weird selection of abstract head wear."

We were invited back to join them for a good jolly session on Thursday 16th April. 
We played some song to them, they played theirs from the show and of course we all played some songs together.