Saturday, 6 February 2016


Friday 5th February 2016                        We held our first Twang! at Seven Miles Out

We had no idea how this would turn out but it was a great success. About 40 people came along -mostly SUP members and friends but a couple from Macclesfield Ukulele and a few others came to see what was going on.
We had four spare ukuleles and they were all put to good use by the beginners.

Our songbook was projected onto a screen so that everyone could join in the strumming and singing. After an hour or so a few people took to the stage to give us a song each. We were pleased to welcome Budgie who read San Francisco Bay Blues as a poem - accompanied by three SUP members also known as The Crukes.

We then returned to the songbook for more strumming and singing to finish off an excellent evening.

It must have gone well as we have been asked to go back again every month.