Beginner's Guide

An Absolute Beginners Guide To Learning The Ukulele On The Cheap
All ukulele players are welcome to our club nights on Monday at The Fingerpost, from absolute beginners to experienced players, but if you are completely new to the ukulele, and to stringed instruments, it may help to do a little homework first.
The following information is designed to help you get started, without spending much money.
 What You Need: 
1.             A UkuleleYou don’t have to spend a lot on your first ukulele, although it won’t be long until you want to upgrade to a better one!
You can get a Mahalo soprano uke for less than £20.00. Perfectly serviceable for a beginner, and available in lots of funky colours. Mine was purple
2.             Access to the InternetIf you have access to the internet, there is a huge amount of information available for free, and loads of really friendly people willing to give you advice. Ideally, you want to be able to listen as well as look, and a microphone will help you tune your uke. If you can print stuff, even better
 Useful But Not Essential:
 A Clip On Tuner
There are websites where you can tune your uke, if you have a microphone on your computer (see below), but a clip on tuner is so much easier, portable, and you can use it when surrounded by other ukes. The Snark tuner is good and costs about £12.00
Internet Ukulele Resources:
There are lots of free lessons for absolute beginners on the web. Here are a few good sites:
Song Sheets:
These sites have lists of song sheets with chord boxes 
Chordie - has lots of songs in all different genres. You need to register (for free), then you can set your instrument to ukulele (C tuning) to see uke chord boxes. You can transpose the tuning of songs (change the key), to get chords that are easier to play. 
Doctor Uke - has lots of mainly traditional and old time song sheets. It has a section of easy beginners songs, and many songs have audio accompaniment so you can hear how they sound and play along
Richard Gs Song Book has a good selection of songs
And, of course, the SUP song book:                                                                         
If you haven’t got a microphone on your computer, you can tune by ear at
 If you have got a microphone on your computer, here is a free-to-download tuner for Windows
 Ukulele Chords:
If you want to find a particular chord shape, here are a couple of useful sites:

             ukulele chordfinder 
    Make sure you change the setting on the right to “Soprano C”

Struggling with Bb?    


If you use Facebook, join the following groups. They are all full of friendly ukulele players who will gladly help you:
Stockport Ukulele Players (obviously!)
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